Our Services

NullMedia develop custom hardware and software solutions for Digital Signage providers, Creative Agencies, and Brand Activations.

Working with world-class brands and leading creative partners we've implemented many innovative interactive campaigns, pushing the technical boundaries and even winning the occasional award.

Screen Control & Media Players

For over a decade our media systems have been trusted to run the content at Piccadilly Circus 24 hours a day, on both the iconic Coca-Cola and Samsung LED screens.

With a history dating back to 1908 and foot traffic of over 70 million people per year, Piccadilly Circus is more of landmark than a traditional advertising space. As such, our clients demand the highest levels of performance in terms of visual quality, flexibility, and above all reliability.

With our systems in place you can be confident you are getting the best.

Brand Activations

We build interactive brand activations which are not only inventive and memorable, but provide an experience worth talking about.

We’ve helped many leading Brands and Creative Agencies develop their content and campaigns. From initial project scoping to final delivery, let us tackle the technology and bring your creative ideas to life.

Social Media Integration

Adding a social media element to most campaigns can massively increase its reach and produce a momentum which can outlast the event itself. We’ll show you how to integrate social media safely, building brand awareness without the pitfalls.

Live Data Integration

Use live data feeds to keep your screen content fresh and informative. From live sports results to production line statistics, we have experience gathering and visualising data from almost any source.

Video Streaming

A pioneer in live event streaming and big screen simulcasting, we’ve got the experience to ensure your one-off events are aired successfully. We’ve even been known to reverse the process, broadcasting the big screens at Piccadilly Circus to the web.

Mobile Applications

NullMedia specialise in the development of mobile apps for use during brand activations. Our software is designed for simple operation, with little training and no technical knowledge required. Letting your brand ambassadors concentrate on what they do best, engaging the public.

Software Development

Key to the success of every project are the tools and server systems hidden in the background, drawing everything together. We know the importance of this, building solid reliable software for handling small to large workloads. When everything works properly you should never even know it’s there.

Hardware Development

Crucial to NullMedia’s success is our ability to design and develop technology which cannot simply be bought off the shelf. If a project requires something cutting edge, we've got the in-house experience and facilities to build it ourselves.