20% Time Projects

Staff technology experiments... Just for fun.

Hexacopter Project

Drones, Multirotors, UAVs, call them what you will... We just wanted to build one!

Starting with a basic airframe we've bolted on just about everything we could think of:

  • DJI F550 airframe - 6 x 2212 motors with 10 inch propellers
  • DJI Naza-M v2 Flight Controller
  • DJI Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal
  • GoPro Hero 3 HD Camera
  • MAVLink Protocol Converter - Arduino #1
  • Video Overlay Generator - Arduino #2
  • Light Controller - Arduino #3
  • Telemetry TX/RX - 915 Mhz
  • Video Transmitter - 5.8 Ghz

Due to regulation in the UK we cannot use this for commercial work, it's all just for fun!

Metroscope Project

Donated to NullMedia by Arthur Jackson of SysDev, this Metroscope was a prototype unit constructed by Technographic Displays back in 2003. Although it's been in storage for a number of years, this thing was build to last. In fact the actual installed units are still going strong to this day!

Conceived as an art project by Clive Gillman, the Metroscopes are a series of LED displays installed in Ropewalks Square, Liverpool. Representing Liverpool and each of its twin cities - Odessa, Dublin, Shanghai and Koln - the Metroscopes scan the internet for phrases referencing each city, and displayed the results.

Originally the Metroscopes were linked via RS422 back to a server, but we've decided to modernise it a bit... With a new Arduino brain and WIFI capability the Metroscope is alive again. Now what are we going to do with it?